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information refers to California

Stop. Breath. It will be okay.

  1. Read every page of the documents you received in the packet.
  2. Obey the orders.  If the petitioner attempts to contact you, do not respond.
  3. Find the hearing date and time on the front page.
  4. Respond to the temporary restraining order (TRO) by filling out the form given to you in the packet.  Type or write your version of the events.  File it with the court a few days before the hearing.  Have someone serve her the response through the mail.
  5. Prepare for the hearing.  If you have children with the petitioner or if you have a criminal charge, you should consider hiring a lawyer.
  6. Show up for your hearing.  The petitioner will tell the story first.  You will be asked whether his/her version was true and what you disagree with.  Address inaccuracies point by point.
  7. The judge will either grant or deny a permanent restraining order (PRO).
  8. You will be served or mailed a PRO within a few days.