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A month ago an event occurred that has led me to look deep within myself.  I got very drunk and started arguing with my girlfriend.  The argument escalated quickly to an altercation where we both became verbally and physically abusive.  The exchange of words was ugly, filled with profanity that we had rarely expressed toward one another.  The physicality of the incident had never reached that level of intensity.  I grabbed and pushed leaving her with injuries.  She punched me in the face.  It was horrific.  And it was the second worse night of my life.

The worse night occurred 10 years prior.  A similar event starting with uninhibited drinking led to a whirlwind of events wherein I fought with others throughout the night and ended up in the emergency room.  Ten staples and 6 stitches later I arrived home filled with remorse and anger.  I vowed never to let it happen again.  I failed to keep that promise to myself.

Now I start a blog with the intention of healing.  I will take readers along with me on my road to recovery.  If there are no readers, it will be therapeutic nonetheless.

This is my personal journal about falling and getting back up.  It will be about suffering and how wisdom is discovered through hard times.